Back Pain During Pregnancy

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Back Pain During Pregnancy-How can I find Relief?

Back pain during pregnancy is not surprising, and very common. The numbers show that about 50% of pregnant women are sufferers of back pain.

During pregnancy, women put on weight, and there are hormonal changes which relax the muscles. The pain is increased in pregnancy due to strain developed on the muscles and joints – while walking, bending forward, sitting and lifting things.  It can be localized or radiate to different parts of the body like legs, arms, upper and lower back, with a feeling of weakness, tingling and numbness.  Generally the pain is felt more at the end of the day.  Back pain can be treated or prevented during pregnancy from being a long term problem.  Fitness is the key to tackle back pain before and during pregnancy.  Regular exercise under proper guidance may reduce the possibility of being affected by the pain.

The following tips may be helpful in getting relief from the pain:

a. A good body posture has to be maintained and practiced like standing tall, straight and holding chest out for keeping your back pain during pregnancy at bay, especially for the lower back.  Shoulder should be kept back and relaxed and locking of knees should be avoided.  To relieve tail bone pain sit on a soft cushion of appropriate shape.

b. A good massage is an excellent way of relaxing the aching muscles.  Your spouse can help you with the massage.  If required a massage therapist can further provide you relief.

Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back Pain During Pregnancy

c. Wear recommended clothing and accessories.  Sandals without heel should be used.  Maternity support belts can be helpful, as they provide support. Special maternity pants with supportive waist band are good to wear.

d. Lifting of items which are weighty, should not be done by bending and leaning forward your back and then picking it up.  Use your legs support for doing the job.  Best thing is to take someone’s help.

e. Special swimming aqua natal classes can ease back pain.

f. Always sleep on your sides and not on the back, with knees bent and if required put a pillow in-between them.  A wedge shaped maternity pillow may help you to sleep on your side and relieve of back pain during pregnancy.

g. Taking a hot shower bath or using a heating pad on the back may provide some relief.

h.  Back exercises that focus on the pelvic area or tummy can help in reducing the strain.

i. Complimentary therapies such as acupuncture and chiropractic may relieve back pain.  These should be done with consultation of your health provider.

j. A morning walk of 30 minutes is best of exercises with multiple benefits.

It is also important to keep a watch on the symptoms of back pain during pregnancy

A dull back pain during pregnancy may be a indication of preterm labor.  Also in the case of severe back pain with vaginal discharge or bleeding, you should immediately consult your health care provider.

Please consult your healthcare provider before using any of the tips above.

Enjoy your to-be motherhood with no back pain during pregnancy.